Ooo, scary!  I figured it was about time to make this page a little more substantial. At least now it has a somewhat more accurate likeness of myself (heh...), a few random factoids, and a brief listing of "Sources of Corruption". As Kintaro would say (well, translated), "This is all very educational..." Okay, it's really not much, but I pour my heart out elsewhere on TRS and it would just be too convenient if I summarized all that I have revealed about myself on this one little page.

I had a self-portrait that I actually drew at the top of this page a while back, but I took it down... Might reappear in the Gallery sometime, though. The decision to replace a drawn not-so-likeness of myself with a krippy Webcam picture is an arguable decision, though I think the image at the left relates my overall personality rather well... >::} (You just can't tell here that my hair is actually long. Yeah, ponytail.) Random: One person said that I look like a mother of five (O_O;), another that I look like a guy (-_-'). Oh well.

Here be some fascinating (and completely random) tidbits on this sector's resident eccentric, in absolutely no particular order:

1. 100% normal-functioning female human.  In theory, anyway.

2. Only does the drugs to which she is prescribed (i.e., Zoloft//Effexor and Adderal).
"I'm so weird, they put me on drugs to make me more normal!" -- Myself

3. When exposed to cigarette smoke or other malodorous toxins, quickly finds refuge for mouth and nose under her shirt. In public. Without hesitation or regard for how stupid it may look.

4. Born into vegetarian eating habits -- dairy and eggs are O.K., but kein Fleisch für mich (and remember, fish and chickens are animals, too) -- that she has no intent of discarding. I've taken up soy milk with my cereal, and my digestive tract is resultantly much happier.

5. Dresses? Only if I have to. Makeup? Frell no! Get it away!!

6. Innocent? Only of body, certainly not of mind. ::}

7. Only two piercings, in otic lobes, unused for many-a year. No tattoos. (Save for the "19" at the base of my skull ... er, just kidding.)

Me. Again.  From a weird angle.8. According the thespark.com, 30% gay. (That's 70% not gay.) Seems like an accurate assessment to me.

9. Generally considers herself a "tree-hugger". That is, a naturalist or... something. Inactive as he11, though, except where many of my own personal habits are concerned. Just wait until I make environmentalism my second major, though... then you non-recyclers will have something to worry about. ::maniacal laughter::

10. Approximately 5'11". "Marble statue" body type, more or less. (Probably only "sexy" in a Renaissance Era sense.) Personal lack of mainstream good looks generally considered a good thing by me. Happy enough that she weighs thirty pounds less that she did a couple of years back (circa high school graduation). Wait, no, scratch that, it all seems to be coming back -- noooOOOOOoo!!!

11. Worthless do-nothing who leaches off folks. In other words, part-time student at a community college some 30 minutes away who can take but a maximum of three courses at once because she knows her limits and innate unreliability.

12. At the current time, employment is out of the question. Does domestically-funded Gartenarbeit when the weather permits, however. Hard worker whenever not being lethargically lazy.

Raii?13. Has access to hundreds of channels and doesn't watch any of them. Er, except the one local station that we have to bloody pay EXTRA for just to get Pokemon. Have Pokemon, will watch TV. [Well, I'll admit, not recently... I haven't been keeping up at all. "Torchick"? What the frell is that?]

14. Dashboard of ugly little Taurus currently covered with little Pokemon figurines.... and one EVA-01 keychain. Still haven't added the Sachiel, EVA-00, and EVA-02 keychains I paid far too much for.

15. Dabbles in Nihongo (Japanese language) and has already taken the four semesters offered at current college. Tends to say "Hai!" and "Arigatou!" more often than their English counterparts. Also have a strange penchant for Deutsch (German) and erratically use the little known in everyday speech. (As in, "Ich habe ein Vogel in mein Kopf", "Gute nacht, mein Liebling", and "Gott weiss ich will kein Engel sein!!".)

16. Who needs alcohol when there is ... Dr. Pepper? I dig root beer and creme soda from time to time, too. If I knew what was good for me, though, I'd only drink water.

17. So far, has found no need in life for religion, but would almost certainly be a Wiccan (or something nature-y like that) if anything. I live by no unyielding beliefs, rather by a handful of philosophies and principles that currently make sense to me but are subject to change if something else makes more sense.

18. I like anime, but only some of it. (And while I appreciate many aspects of the artistic style, I have absolutely no desire to draw my humans like that!) Of the anime that I do like, I tend to like it too much...

19. ...namely, "Neon Genesis Evangelion" (or "Shin Seiki Evangelion"). I absolutely love the Evangelions -- they're my favorite part of the show. Wonderful beasties that are seldom given enough credit; there's so much more to them than most fans realize (or care to realize) or the anime itself ever goes into. The lack of information is at times frustrating, but I guess that makes the pursuit of knowledge more challenging and fascinating. And let's not forget those "magical" shito ('Angels'), namely, Sachiel, Zeruel, and Shamshel. Yoshitoh Asari be blessed! [He's responsible for designing those three.]
I.e., "We're Apostles ('Angels')!"  Almost certainly drawn by Yoshitoh Asari.

20. I can get rather 'stuck' on things -- dinosaurs for a good long time; currently Evangelions -- but this demonstrates an important point about me. As I encounter ideas and concepts that intrigue me, I explore them, thoroughly, deeply, perhaps to a borderline-obsessive degree. Foci (plural of focus) of mine tend to wane, go on the back-burner, be supplanted by something else, whatever, but, ah, they always stay with me. Sure, I move on, but I never forget. In general terms, anyway; specifically, I forget a lot of things, though sometimes I surprise myself -- despite my complete self-severance from the paleo community, much persists in the memory. (Those scientific names, fr'instance.)

21. Currently has severe shortage of Real-Life Friends. Me be lonely. ::<   ::sniff::
It's my own bloody fault, though. Or, I should say, it's my A.T. Field's fault. Wait... Er...
Ah, I just 'enjoy' wallowing in solitude too much and that's all there is to it.

Sangouki's worse off than me, though -- least *I* don't have an Adam's Apple ::>22. Some little kids once told me that I sounded "like a boy". In response, I pleaded pathetically, "Well, er, I can't help it..." and to compensate I attempted some really bad Pokemon impersonations. Evidently, I also sound 'like a guy' on the phone, perhaps more so, as I can think of at least three instances where my vocalizations led to gender deception. It's gotta be a sign of the Apocalypse when people start mistaking me for my doofy brother ::shiver:: or solicitors call me "Sir".

23. Oh, yeah... I play video games a little. I'm ultra-casual, everything but hard-core. Some Final Fantasy here, some Tetris Attack there, some Pokemon whenever I feel like siccing innocent creatures against one another. Metal Gear Solid's cool even though I absolutely reak at it. I mostly play Nintendo and SquareSoft, though. I'll list some of my 'groovy games' below -- restricted, of course, by whatever I've actually played.

24. Whenever not emitting an endless river of "Fairy-fairy-Cle-FAIRy!"s, "Pi-KA-chu!"s, and "Vul! Vullllpix!"s (and waiting for the insane conure known as Donald to respond with his own uniquely demented Pokemon impersonations), prone to crying out "K-yo-ko!!!!" with as much melodramatic anguish as can be mustered. Actually, that's a lie, I only really bawl over Kyoko when there's someone around familiar with "Neon Genesis Evangelion" to 'annoy' with spontaneous mournings. Alas, poor, Kyoko... She died gruesomely but hopefully not in vain, as I intend on giving her neglected character tastelessly thorough coverage in "Holy Shito!"

Erm, just ignore that last paragraph, please... This sort of rambling I had hoped to avoid on this particular page, but it seems I have ultimately failed.

Yes, those are my teethSOURCES OF CORRUPTION
(various movies, TV shows, people, etc., that, judging by certain eccentricities in various thought processes, speech patterns, and social behaviors of mine, must have left some sort of sordid impression upon my person, in alphabetical order...)

Akira; The Alien Legacy; Animaniacs; Austin Powers; Babe [movie]; Calvin & Hobbes; Church of the Subgenius training tape (can't remember actual title); Dr. Looney (person); Escaflowne; Expedition (by Wayne Barlowe); Farscape; The Far Side; FernGully; Final Fantasy (in general); Forbidden Zone (from the demented mind of Richard Elfman); Fushigi Yuugi; Gargoyles (Disney's); Golden Boy [anime]; The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; Jurassic Park; The Last Unicorn; The Lion King; Men in Black; Mononoke Hime; Monty Python and the Holy Grail; Neon Genesis Evangelion; Nikkoth (person); Oingo Boingo; Quentin Nordan (person); Pokemon; The Princess Bride; Ren & Stimpy; Robin Hood: Men in Tights; Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi; Shiawase Mizue (person); South Park; Spaceballs; Star Trek: The Next Generation + Deep Space Nine; Star Wars; Terminator 2; Thundercats; Total Recall; Utena; Who Framed Roger Rabbit?; Yellow Submarine

(That I May, Nonetheless, Suck At)

Chrono Cross; Chrono Trigger; EarthBound; Final Fantasy IV~VIII + Tactics; Jurassic Park (SNES); Kirby's Adventure; Kirby's DreamLand 1~2; Mega Man 3; Mega Man X + X4; Metal Gear Solid; Metroid Prime; Pokemon (GB); Pokemon GS (GB); Pokemon Snap; Pokemon Stadium; SaGa Frontier; Sonic & Knuckles; Sonic the Hedgehog 2; Sonic Adventure; Super Mario All-Stars; Super Mario Land 1~2; Super Mario World; Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island; Super Metroid; Super Smash Bros. (+ Melee); Tetris; Tetris Attack (SNES); Xardion; Xenogears; Yoshi's Cookie; Zelda: Ocarina of Time; Zelda: Wind Waker


Hmm, this is a hard one. If you really want to know, I sort of go into it here.

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