This page is dedicated to the, well, history of The Raptorian Sector. history has been obliterated for sanity's sake, but I've still got it on file if you really want to see it.

July 17, 2003.

Yes, that's right. Banter. How ever did you guess? Parents should keep their children far away from this one. In fact, they should keep their children far away from my webpage in general. Unless you're one of those very liberal-minded parents who thinks their offspring are obliged to know of the Adult World™ as soon as they are old enough to handle a mouse. Then again, my webpage doesn't really reflect much of the Adult World™, only the fact that I'm technically an adult. So, er, whatever.

June 23, 2003.

Note the new e-mail addy! Also, Fan/Eva page updated only marginally.

June 14, 2003.

Few new Banter entries. Plus, a lot of the Fan/Eva page's overhaul is done -- should keep anyone who's interested occupied for at least a little while.

Pointless quote: "I am a robot." -- from "Robot" by Tatu

May 17, 2003.

Banter. Yet again. ::sigh::

May 11, 2003.

Erm... guess. That's right: Banter! Updated Links, too.Yipee.

Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: I think so, Brain, but where will we get plug suits our size?

April 14, 2003.

More "Banter". Take it or leave it.

Miles Standish: "Give me the bird!"
Yakko: "We'd love to, but the Fox censors wouldn't allow it."

February 19, 2003.

Uhhh... Banter? (Three entries of it, to be exact.) Seems like that's all I'm good for anymore ::pout::. Maybe, ONE of these days, I'll actually post some of my, like, ARTWORK. Quite a novel idea, isn't it? It's just that, well, I'm so hard-pressed for material to show you people... ::turns around and looks nervously at her open closet sprawling with college art projects and filled sketchbooks:: 0_0;; Erm, yeah, well, sooner or later, heh. Like I always say, though, "later" is probably the best bet.

Anyways, if you come here to actually read stuff and not just look at "pretty pictures", go to Banter already! I babble about the various "stupid" video game remixes I listen to, recount a rather bizarre dream, and actually even ponder my possible future. All with the eloquent verbosity ::cough:: you may have come to expect of me. Yeah, there are a couple of tiny pics, too, just to break the monotony of paragraph upon paragraph of gaudily-colored text.

October 8, 2002.
Nothing too interesting... More "Banter" and a revised "Holy Shito!" page. ::p

That's right. YO' @$$.August 18, 2002 -- Where has the bloody summer gone... Well, finally, I've updated a bit again... It takes a lot to put these updates together, you know! I would've done so sooner, but this whole big problem happened with my computer, and my keyboard and my mouse not working right, and my whole hard disk needing to be wiped out and that not helping the problem, and some Gateway guy coming over and replacing my mother board, and that helping once I trashed my POS mouse. Took a while to get all of my junk back on this computer and get all settled in again, you know?

Well, my computer's problem [which lasted from March to July, sadly enough] is finally gone, and I'm happy -- a lot happier than that last out-of-date Banter entry might let you on. I probably should've typed up something for that page, but, ah, I didn't. Instead... I gave the "Noises" page the update it hasn't gotten for about two bloody years! That's right! I wasted hours and hours making strange noises into a krippy microphone, editing them, sifting through them for the "good" ones, converting them to MP3s, ID3 tagging them, writing stuff about them on the webpage, etc.! So instead of asking "Why? Dear gawd, WHY?", head on over to Noises and entertain yourself at the complete expense of whatever sense of pride I might've had left. Or run far away and save your ears some unneeded abuse. It's your choice. ::>

And what update would be complete without the latest requisite EVA-related content? ::anticipates a chorus of yawns from whatever audience she has left:: Oh, well, at least a couple of people'll be happy... Myself included! GO EVAS!!!

Oh, yeah, and before I forget I better add a couple of links (for ONCE)... Later, d00ds!

[Currently listening to: MP3s I downloaded and as-of-yet have not completely gone through, this one being David Lanz's take on (with Michael Jones) "Pachelbel's Canon in D Major". [Sounds completely different from the Pachelbel Canon I've gotten used to from NGE, tho.] He's not quite on the same level for me as David Arkenstone is, but they're both "Narada dudes" and they're both good. As a general rule, I've found Lanz to be nice stuff to listen to -- you know, as background when I'm writing or whatever. Nice and non-intrusive. I ought to get some more of his CDs...]

May 31, 2002 -- I added one Banter entry that's probably overly depressing and not worth reading -- that's about it.

April 05, 2002 -- A breakthru -- a new picture (only one, though) that's not a piece of "fan-art". (And plenty more where that came from -- in time, of course...) Alas, naturally, the bulk of this update is fan-art-related, namely, EVA-related. ::anticipates a response composed largely of rolling eyes...:: Still, it includes a very thorough explanation of what the he11 "Holy Shito!" is supposedly about -- somewhat neccessary given I've been particularly pathetic about making the actual comic. Ah, and a little bit's been added to "RKC", as well. And for those of you who consider yourselves very thorough webpage-explorers, there's a Webcam shot hiding somewhere of my eyes looking very scary (but possibly not quite as scary as I was trying for). In any case, enjoy, and make sure you say hello to the spiffed-up "Sagittaria"! I'll be in deep doo-doo if I don't study some of that ol' Nihongo...

[Just Finished Playing: Aya Hisakawa's "Tila-so-Tilalifo", from the album "Hi-Ka-Ri", one of the many I simply must obtain a copy of eventually. I can't say the title makes much sense to me, but it's a durn-pretty song. "You catch the beautiful wind, Tila-so-Tilalifo; Mimo wo blah-blah-like-I-really-know-the-words..."]

February 18, 2002 -- Well... I've been modifying the page in bits and pieces off-line, here and there. Can't remember exactly all the things I've done to it, so I'm just going to upload everything as it is on my computer and hope it all works. Some new pics (all in the Fan section, go fig) and some more Banter. Probably not much else, though. Oh well.

"Pengin ka?"August 22, 2001-- Over a month, and not much has happened... Crumb. There is actually something fairly substantial on the "RKC" page now, including two particularly frightening images. (They must be seen to be believed!) Additional commentary and microdoodle integration has been added to the Fan page. The EVA sub-page has been tweaked slightly, with a few additional images and accompanying commentary. More to come, natürlich.

[Now Playing: The "Mother 2" arranged track translated as "Because I Loved You", from Game Ongaku Concert 3. 'Tis a very endearing song as is, but this and a handful of other songs from M2 (a.k.a. Earthbound) would have made wonderful vocal arrangements, a la the "Mother Original Soundtrack." (A real misnomer, as the only original Famicom music on the album is mishmashed into one big track about 17 minutes long; the rest of the album is composed of vocal and instrumental arrangements.) For whatever reason, "Because I..." and the "Super Mario Bros." medley are the only tunes to feature in two separate Concerts.]

July 21, 2001 -- The "Concept" section of the Gallery should have something in the way of content now. And I really don't have the time to babble at length right now... Blastit.

June 26, 2001 -- Hopefully a slight problem on the "Reality" page is now amended. I added a good amount of new material to the "Fan" page (no new EVA-related madness, unfortunately...), but a lot remains to be done there (my silly 'ALT's for every thumbnail, the typically banterous commentary, microdoodle integration in the commentary a la the EVA page...). Arse.... "Warui kimochi". I feel a bit off right now. Suppose I should just upload this and go bring terror to the weeds outside. And Xenogear's exquisite "Haru no komori uta" is winding down, in case anyone actually finds the "now playing" thing at all amusing.

June 19, 2001 -- And nearly three months later... Be wary, I'm updating all over the place here. I still have a lot of loose ends to tie up, which is what I'm doing on my computer right now (instead of cleaning my room, which is so catastrophically chaotic one could say without hesitance that the Second Impact occurred after all, albeit on a somewhat smaller scale than predicted). So enjoy whatever changes I've made so far and notify me about any botches that aren't fixed any time soon. Back to work...

Currently playing in Winamp: "Ramta Jogi". Indian (as in Indian) music isn't one of my big things, but I do have a couple of songs lying around. A young lady from my 2D Design class (Spring '01 Semester) put on a tape of music from her homeland (at the encouragement of some other students, possibly because they were desparate to make my one-time reign over the CD player come to a quick end -- they definitely weren't fans of Yoko Takahashi). I suppose it was for the best, as one of the songs caught my ear... The tape was a soundtrack to a romance film called "Taal", and soon thereafter I searched for it on the "eternal naughtiness that is Napster". Happily, I found the song I wanted -- "Kahin Aag Lage", which is really quite groovy -- and a few others worth keeping on my bloated hard drive.

"Rei? Where did you go?"March 17, 2001 -- Took me long enough, didn't it? Well, after an utterly pathetic number of hours sitting in front of this glowing box, working slavishly on TRS, all I have accomplished is a rather significant update to the Evangelion subpage of my Fan artwork section. It has a rather limited audience, and I know a lot of other people would rather see more pics in the other galleries, but, heck, I just do what I do... I've probably exhausted my supply of EVA-related fan art for a while, though, which means... back to work on "Fourteen Daughters", an Evangelions-only fan page I have already wasted a considerable amount of time on and must finish before this current obsession randomly decides to wane! I'm probably uploading this around 4 in the morning... Man... "Zero, you look just like I feel."

Currently playing in Winamp: "Maxwell's Silver Hammer". Wow, I actually have some "normal" songs on my computer?! Incredible! Though, I wouldn't exactly call this song "normal" ... "Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon her head!" What a sick song.

September 24, 2000 -- So much for that second update. The blasted Paleo page didn't upload right the first time, but hopefully that's amended now. I also added a page of my zany fan art (including -- of course -- Evangelion stuff). And, purely on the spur-of-the-moment, yesterday, I made a page for a bunch of (mostly Pokémon) noises I recorded. Charizard, Squirtle, the NOISES page is for you! Also, now there's something at the RKC page instead of nothing. It's almost nothing, but it's still something.

Evil is good ... if you don't hurt anybody

Currently playing in Winamp: Undersea Palace from "Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time." One of the better arrangements that I've heard from this album. I probably should get it while I still can...

September 15, 2000 -- Ah, my second update at about time, don't you think? Two college courses should leave me more time than high school did to work on this cobweb-ridden place. I added a page for paleo pics at the Gallery (it doesn't even have everything I've scanned yet, but it's better than nuthin'). Also, I've uploaded everything I typed up (so far) for the VGM page, but a lot of stuff's still missing, of course.

A current distraction sure isn't helping me fill out the gaps in TRS: Neon Genesis Evangelion, my current favorite anime (taking most of my attention away from Pokémon, Tenkuu no Escaflowne, and Fushigi Yuugi). Okay, sure, there are zillions of EVA fans and zillions of EVA webpages, but I think there's a real deficit of fans and webpages of the actual title, er, "characters," those crazy Evangelions themselves. I'm writing a webpage to satisfy my bizarre fascination with them. Before the (optimistic) completion of that page, you might be able to catch some of my equally bizarre EVA drawings at the (currently-nonexistent) fan art Gallery page. (They're probably enough to scare the plates off a Stegosaurus.)

She's asking you a question

Currently playing in Winamp: "The Eyes of Thousand Nights" from Kirche: Pleiades. Gawd, what a sweet song. I have to find this album.

 April 27, 2000 -- No counter yet. The Gallery is still far from a display of the diversity of my work, but there's a lot of stuff up in the fantasy section now. Check it out. On another note, I'm awfully angry today, since I've been waiting a very long time for WB to show that blasted Farfetch'd episode again -- and they had some @$#%! baseball game on instead! The nerve! This means I have to rent the thing! :: grumble grumble :: Does this mean they're going to conveniently host baseball games on the days "Showdown at the Poké-Corral" and "Pallet Party Panic" are supposed to air?


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