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Dear me, the header image wasn't supposed to be that big! Oh well. At least it looks semi-cool and, as with all of my latest groovy-looking headers in funky font, I made it completely myself. That is, unlike the outdated 'RKC' and 'Gallery' images, I didn't use a pre-programmed font. Rather, I found at least one good use for Adobe Illustrator and used that to draw and tweak them by hand. Oh, the wonders of vector images!

Ah, lest I forget, this is a Links page. For the moment, there's only a couple of links, though I have plenty more in mind. (I may want to get permission to add the rest, if only because they may want to link to me in exchange...) How meager of me, but at least now there is a Links page where no Links page was before!


The Mushroom Kingdom An excellent page dedicated to everything and anything related to Nintendo's pudgy plumber Mario, his friends, and his enemies. An impressive and well-executed collection, exhaustive fan tributes like this are hard to come by. Hayao Miyazaki. Ever heard of him? Well, you probably have, even if you don't realize it. This is a grand ol' source for anything Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli. I don't totally worship his films like some people, but I know art when I see it. And, well, what can I say, giant white wolves kick arse. ::p
ToastyFrog The "personal" web page of Jeremy Parish, who seems to utilize the online alias of a cartoon frog even though the two are often treated as separate entities on the page. In any case, for a website in which the author is simply "indulging [himself] with content of little merit or interest to others" -- primarily pertaining to either video games or anime -- it has the unusual merit of being one of the few things that can make me, most uncharacteristically, laugh out loud. A lot. If heavily verbose, overly sarcastic, disgruntled-to-the-point-of-seeming-hackneyed, and simultaneously rambling/bizarrely intellectual hordes of written content with a backdrop of pastel colors is what it takes, who I am to argue...


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