Reichu's VGM

As of February 23, 2004, "Reichu's VGM" is down until I actually get my act together and fix up the content on this site. The amount of obsolete/incomplete material just annoys me too much for me to leave it online at the moment. My hard drive is currently a mess of Bush Administration proportions (but without the same taxing effects on our nation, fortunately), so there will be no VGM trading. The site will eventually be resurrected as "Reichu's Pocky Box" (unless I think of a better name) when I complete my brand-spankin' new "Neon Genesis Evangelion S^2 Works" page, and older material will slowly return as I evaluate/update it and deem it worthy of being online. Sorry if any inconvenience is caused by this site's temporary leave of absence.

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