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Here's where I get to show off my mAd SkILLz skills. ::}

I've decided to rearrange things here a little. Gone are the divisions of "Masterworks" and "Sketchbooks" (the former was always too egotistical-sounding for my tastes, anyway). Now, pictures are divided by genre or what's in them. Sketches and "finished works" will share pages, with more recent works closer to the top (at least on the Paleo and Fantasy pages).

At any rate, my pictures are all here for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure, if you're as critical as I am of my work...). Where do you want to go? Right now you've got a whopping five choices! [Not like there's that much on most of them (yet), but it's something.]

Chiko! Paleo ("dead things")
Reality (still-lifes, extant animals)
Fantasy (dragons, et al.)
Concepts (too hard to explain!)
Fan (SquareSoft, Pokémon, Evangelion)
Miscellany (everything else)







I have a lot of drawings to scan and edit, so they'll have to appear here bit by bit. [Addendum: Only in theory.] If I wait until all of the pictures are ready for posting ... well, that'll make your wait even longer.

Well, technically, I take commissions, but the past few years I've been so sporadic art-wise that I'm anything but dependable these days. Generally speaking, I won't take commissions at present because I know I can't handle them, but it doesn't hurt to try writing me about it. I don't get enough e-mail anyway.

Lastly, why did I put a random Chikorita on this page? Well, no reason in particular, but I suppose I can make one up... Okay, because Chikorita's green and the text's purple. That probably doesn't make any sense, not even according to color theory, because those hues aren't even complements! But I like to make obscure, pointless references to Yui whenever I can. Or something. Or maybe I just needed a place to show off my sweet little leaf-dino-thing that I just [12/22/01] made entirely in Photoshop, starting with nothing but a krippy WebCam snappy I took of a My Little Pony (of all things!). I'd wanted to transform a MLP into a Chikorita for a while, and I'm chikory-pleased with how it came out. I wonder if Creamsicle [a MLP giraffe, for the record] would make a good Bayleef...?

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