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Welcome to my new nest kindly hosted by Skandranon at Avians.net.  The Eagle's Nest is the official web site of Lanakila and his associating companion, Kevin Bissessar.  At the Eagle's Nest, you will find various links that relate to both Lanakila and Kevin, offering information about bald eagles, raptors and personal interests.

[Bald Eagle Head]The Bald Eagle
Haliaeetus leucocephalus

Bald eagles are my favourite species of birds. Eagles represent a symbol of beauty and power, of excellence and care, and of freedom and integrity. The bald eagle is native to North America, having a white feathery head, a coat of dark brown feathers, yellow talons and a sharp, hooked golden beak. Matching its white head is its long regal tailfeathers which drapes down from the body of this beautiful bird. Golden-piercing eyes with black pupils seems to penetrate deeply into the souls of people who would stare and gaze into the eyes of this most awesome bird.

The Golden Eagle
Aquila chrysaetos

The golden eagle is my second favourite species of birds.  They are native to most parts of Asia and Africa, as well as North America.  The feather colours of this bird are different than the bald eagle. Golden-brown nape feathers covers the back of the eagle's neck, while the rest of the body, from its head to its wings and tail, is covered in a smooth, chocolate-brown colour. The eagle has a piercing eyesight and its beak is blackly-tipped with a yellow cere to grace its face.

Both eagles are superb hunters as well as flyers.

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