FeAtHeReD qUaDrUpEd

Hello, and welcome to the lair of the Feathered Quadruped. This page is a basic Otherkin page, where I will discuss and post my experiences as an Otherkin and Therianthrope. It will also feature articles and essays, including rants about anything in particular, and a way for visitors to interact with one another. Also, it will feature information about Demonkin, and the truth about who we are and are not, dispelling many of the closeminded and/or Christianized view of those like us. I will try to make this page as comprehensive as possible. Submissions of writings and other art of this calibre are always welcomed. Please send any questions, comments, or bitchmail to gothic_gryphon@hotmail.com.

Special thanks goes to my very good friend Matt "Lord Skandranon" Polak for the webspace, hosted by Avians.net!

I ask those that visit these pages to please leave a mark in my guestbook, to let me know how much you enjoyed this page. t'Would be much appreciated! Domo arigatou!

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