The characteristic wolf piccie that HAS to be on EVERY Therianthropy page. PERIOD.

Wo ho, its gonna be quite a feat for me to explain this one. I consider myself a Therianthrope. I have for as long as I can remember. I have quite a few phenotypes, many of which are Canine or Feline. My "base phenotype" as I call it though, is Gryphon. Gryphon is what I am, and Gryphon is what I always will be. But I have others within me as well. It has been held as a common belief in Shamanistic practices throughout the world that a Shaman's soul is not human, rather, it is an animal spirit, or a combination of animal spirits. Of course this may not hold true for everybody, though it is the best example I can possibly cough up. Here I will list, or attempt to do so, the many phenotypes that I can flesh out of my very complex spirit. I seem to always be greeted by a new surprise.

I have a vast amount of phenotypes, and this is due in part because many of my shifts are Totem-shifts, though not always. In some cases I have had past lives as these animals, in others it is due to natural shapeshifting abilities.

Gryphon: The Gryphon is what I consider my baseform. It is what I generally am when, well, I'm nothing else, hehe. I am generally always in a state of semi Mental-Shift and Aura-Shift as the Gryphon. I do not think there was a moment in my life when I was NEVER in a constant internal shift of some variety. Though I sometimes have problems "reigning in the beast". I have been known to scare, freak out or otherwise disturb people by strange vocalizations that generally cannot be mimicked by the human voicebox, in addition to odd postures. Sometimes its hard to control them, and when I do "slip" I tend to be ashamed of myself afterwards, afraid that others will look at me funny, which they sometimes do. But generally I am pretty good at keeping it in, and am a functioning part of society, very much so.

When I am the Gryphon I tend to be very aesexual, or rather, unisexual, possessing the energies of both sexes. These two energies exhist in harmony, though a shift in balance commonly happens. When it does, it almost always shifts to the masculine side.

Rat: Yep, you heard right. Rat. And I'm damn proud of it, too! In fact, it is one of my primary phenotypes. When I M-Shift to that of a Rat, I tend to be rather skittish and a habitual clepto when it comes to food items (chopsticks, fortune cookies, whole dinners, etc.). I am a hoarder, which I attribute to BOTH the Rat AND the Gryphon. My energies tend to mimick those of Fox as I am very quick, stealthy and silent and am good at making myself invisible to others.

Dromeosaurid: I know in a past life I was a Dromeosaurid of some variety (velociraptors are Dromeosaurids). Remnants of this still remain. I have a habit of strutting tiptoe like a prize hen, and I tend to flip my big toes outward. I can still even feel the torque that is developed when I would swing my tail. My Awakening as this creature happened in high school, and was a very meaningful one to me, and led to many other new and amazing things afterwards.

Canine: As far as my canine side, I am a Black Wolf (hell...ya never saw that one comin', did ya?!) or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Generally I Aura-Shift or Mental-Shift into the Wolf when I am suffering acute stress, be it emotional, mental or physical. This aspect or behavior has its roots in shamanism. Wolf Medicine teaches strength and endurance, and teaches one to run the gamut, so to speak, and not quit or give up. I have been known to bare my teeth, growl, howl, and even chase after small animals when I am Shifted into the Wolf. Though, I have been known to chase after small animals with practically every Shift. Its a wonder my cats even still like me. They are the most patient, tolerant felines I have ever known. And they KNOW when I'm in the hunting/prowling mood.

I also have a form thats very Vulpine in nature, and acts very similar to the Wolf minus the howling. Though as the Wolf I tend to be more protective of others and tend to crave company more, whilst as the Fox I tend to be more of a loner.

Feline: My feline nature is one I am still seeking to discover. Sometimes I do not know if I have a Feline phenotype or if its just another aspect of the Gryphon. I have been known to M-Shift into what is considered a Feline state of mind. I LOVE cats. I have also been known to be very protective and motherly of, and even break down and cry in front of kittens, or if I found out a cat has been injured or killed.

Well, thats pretty much it. I hope to expand this section in the near future.