About WingBoy

AAAHH!! Big ass personal photo piccie of DOOM!

Well, alittle about me. Awakenings are generally very hard for me because I tend to remain wired in the logic, whilst still being part of the spiritual. Best way I can honestly describe it is that I have both feet planted firmly on the ground, with my head in the sky. I go to college full-time and work at a pet shop and after school daycare part time. I'm an avid writer and hope to become published someday. In college I am working towards my degree in Recreation and Parks, and I plan on double-majoring in Animal Psychology. My goal is to work at a zoological park someday. I am also an avid otaku, and can be seen at many an anime con in the M.D./D.C./V.A. area.

My main site is Hellkite.net where my personal writings, both fan and orginal, and more extensive info can be found on myself.