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Golgotha_t.jpg (2675 bytes) Golgotha -- 1024 x 768 Jpeg, 116K

A very moody piece, rendered in Bryce 3D the week before Easter '98.  The white dove in the sky is either a serendipitious by-product of a randomized fractal texture, or a gift from the Holy Spirit.  Your choice.

ZilvaraHome_t.jpg (4524 bytes) Zilvara's Island -- 800 x 600 Jpeg, 81K

This is the island home of Zilvara the dragon.  This and the next picture were partly rendered in Bryce 3D and partly painted in Painter 4.

ZilvaraPortrait_t.jpg (4198 bytes) Portrait of Zilvara as a Young Dragon -- 1024 x 768 Jpeg, 177K

A gift for a friend in an IRC roleplaying channel.   Zilvara is a "mischievous and silly-looking" young female purple dragon whose favorite thing in the world is magic coins.

BySunset_t.jpg (2410 bytes) By Sunset's Red Glare -- 800 x 600 Jpeg, 41K

A vision of the last sunset of Earth.  The volumetric solar texture is a study for a rendering of the Phoenix (still in development), to go with "The Phoenix Cycle".

ByDawn_t.jpg (2967 bytes) By Dawn's Early Light -- 800 x 600 Jpeg, 105K

I rendered this to show an artist at work what I meant by a Jurassic scene that doesn't look like Golden Gate Park with dinosaurs.  The raptor model is from Poser 3.

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All images Copyright (C)1998-1999 by Charlie Kellner. You may download and use them for any legal purpose, on the condition that no profit is made from them. They were inspired by the work of many artists and friends, including Walt Disney, Osamu Tezuka, Winsor McCay, Chris Achilleos, Vicky Wyman, Monika Livingston and Lela Dowling.