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Bambarella_t.jpg (4071 bytes) Bambarella -- 432 x 480 Jpeg, 57K

It was my first deliberate attempt at painting on the computer, so I decided to make it a tribute to two favorite old movies (apologies to Walt and Jane).  It took me about 40 hours to color it with the mouse in Aldus Photostyler.

Legend1_t.jpg (4469 bytes) Legend the Griffin Bard -- 400 x 468 Jpeg, 75K

My anthropomorphic griffin roleplaying character.   This is my sketch of the character design done for me by one of my favorite artists, Lela Dowling.

QualinPortrait_t.jpg (3632 bytes) Portrait of Qualin -- 1024 x 768 Jpeg, 184K

This was my first portrait of a friend's roleplaying character.  Qualin is a dragon-morph that can become human (or vice versa).  Although he isn't supposed to be magic, I added a  glow effect so I could play around with hand-painted light textures.

Wolfingham_t.jpg (4373 bytes) Wolfingham Forest -- 800 x 600 Jpeg, 160K

A banner for a friend's roleplaying area on PowWow.   I picked up the impressionistic oil painted background look from Bob Ross's "happy trees".  The characters were inspired by the art of Monika Livingstone.

SwanTake2_t.jpg (3002 bytes) The Swan Princess, Take 2 -- 800 x 600 Jpeg, 142K

Ever wonder what would happen if the Hero and the Villain in the Swan Princess reached a Peace Accord?  A tongue-in-beak tribute to the animated movie, painted with Painter 4 and the ArtPad.

EnchantedSea3_t.jpg (3001 bytes) Enchanted Sea -- 800 x 600 Jpeg, 81K

This was one of those lucky accidents of playing around with Bryce textures until something weird happens.  I tried to duplicate later, and couldn't.

BlueSky3_t.jpg (3015 bytes) Blue Sky -- 640 x 480 Jpeg, 78K

For a friend on IRC, inspired by the Pink Floyd song.  My first attempt at importing 2D clip-art into a 3D scene.

WishRealm1_t.jpg (3199 bytes) The Wishing-Beast's Realm -- 640 x 640 Jpeg, 95K

An illustration for a children's story in progress, rendered in Bryce 2.

WishRealm2_t.jpg (3428 bytes) The Wishing-Beast's Realm, version 2 -- 800 x 600 Jpeg, 109K

The same scene in Bryce 3D, with a shining castle and crystal bridges.  This scene works from any point of view, even right down on a bridge or inside the crystal cave, so I can use it for a lot of the story's illustrations.

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All images Copyright (C)1995-1998 by Charlie Kellner. You may download and use them for any legal purpose, on the condition that no profit is made from them. They were inspired by the work of many artists and friends, including Walt Disney, Osamu Tezuka, Winsor McCay, Chris Achilleos, Vicky Wyman, Monika Livingston and Lela Dowling.