Whats With the Wolves?!

Okay...now, I have a Wolf phenotype. But, I see a common reoccurring theme within the Therianthropy community. There seems to be a gross amount of people coming out of the were-closet and proclaiming they're werewolves. Now...there aren't even enough wolves in the fucking environment, whats with the strange overpoplation of wolves within the human arena?

I'm just curious. Is it 'cool' to be a Wolf? Am I just not in the 'in-crowd' if I'm not a Wolf? What about those of us whose primary phenotypes aren't Wolves? I'm getting rather sick of people's strange reactions when I tell them of my primary phenotypes, Gryphon, and Rat. Oh yeah, uh huh, I'm a Gryphon so therefore I'm a freak and not supposed to exhist, or I'm self-deluding myself. I am a Rat so therefore I'm not glamorous or strong, I'm weak and loathsome. Whatever. I'm just getting sick of this shit.

And then there's the whole 'pack mentality' crap thats been going around. Us VS. Them. "I'm a greymuzzle, or I'm an Alpha and I've been in the were community longer than you, so you should take my advice." Two words. Fuck. Off. Nobody's my fucking Alpha. I don't subject myself to closeminded pack mentality. As a close friend in the Otherkin community pointed out, there's a whole shitload of newcomers working their asses off to improve the Therianthrope community, and are getting next to no credit for it, or have their credit stolen by others. Just because you've 'been in the community longer' or you have your own little clique you call your 'pack' doesn't make you top dog. You could've been in the community since the time it started and be fucking stupid and incompetent as compared to some newcomers.

Now...I'm not saying all Wolf People are like this, by all means NO! Many, if not most, of my friends who are Weres happen to be Lupine. What I AM saying is that people like us should stick together in one large community, not fighting and clawing at each other for power. Help one another up, not drag them down. Show respect for other phenotypes, even those that may appear odd or not as glamorous. Stop pissing all over the place and claiming territory and fighting for dominance. Yeah, it may have worked fine in the wild, but WAKE UP. We're in human society now, get the fuck over it. We need to pull together, not pull apart.

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