Okay...now in the Otherkin community I've been hearing alot of Human-bashing. What the fuck is with that? I mean, aren't we *technically* humans now? You are trying to tell me that that pale, skinny thing that spends waay too much time in his bedroom on the computer whining about how humanity sucks, and not outside getting some healthy sunshine, isn't human? Well, maybe it LOOKED human, once upon a time *shrug*

But seriously now. Is it just because we are 'Kin, that we are all of a sudden 'better' than the Human race? 'Kin races and species have caused wars and destroyed things, too. Just because you are 'Kin does not make you any more glamorous or any more special or smart than that pale skinny thing that spends too much time on the computer. A Dragon crapping in the woods looks no more damn elegant than a Human doing the same. A Dragon crapping in the woods is still a Dragon crapping in the woods.

Then there are those within the community that sound something like this: "Woe as me, I'm an Elf trapped in the body of a Human, boo hoo hoo. I am so forsaken, there must be hope for me, boo hoo hoo." GET OVER IT. We ALL are. And many of us enjoy our human lives. I know I do. Is it such a pain to be human? Is it because you are Human that you can no longer be that sexy, glamorous pointy-eared thing thing that plays with Unicorns and leaps from tree-to-tree like a pretty ballerina? Instead you are that pale, skinny thing that spends way too much quality time in chat rooms or on mailing lists bitching about the human race. Go out. Get some exercise. Eat right, instead of munching that bag of Doritos by the keyboard. It'll do you good. Just because you are Human does not mean you cannot do certain things you used to. And just because you are 'Kin does not mean you are more powerful or any more glamorous than a Human. I am sure that there are some Humans out there that metaphysically are far more adept than some 'Kin. Myself included.

Now, I'm not saying that all people who bitch about Humanity are pale and skinny and do not get out enough. And I'm not saying that certain arguments regarding the negatives of Human Society and politics do not ring true. But what I AM saying is that we are STILL Human on the outside, and nothing can change that. There will be no prophetic time where 'Kin can become who they where once again and go back to that happy, idyllic world they once lived in. It ain't gonna happen. So get over it.

Call me pessimistic, call me a bitch, I care not. I am 'Kin, too. We're all in the same boat. I have learned to embrace myself and my beauty, both in the mundane world as well as the metaphysical. In fact, I'm STILL learning to embrace myself. I'm nowhere near complete. Like anyone else I'm weak, clumsy and vulnerable, with certain needs, wants and desires. People just need to learn to accept themselves and what the Universe has given them, both good or bad.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

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