Level 2 - The Pond

Things turn aquatic. Whilst I'm going to assume that the animals depicted in this level are all accurate, I haven't got a clue what half of them are.

The bee can fly above or below the water with equal ease. One nice touch is that underwater explosions also create little clouds of froth. Also, the lightning weapon is blue underwater.

Stage 1

This colourful fish pops up from the bottom of the pond.

And that fish, I believe, is a three-spined stickleback.

I have no idea what this insect is. It has a very long, extendible mandible which shoots out very fast at your bee. Blast it off or die.

Again, I have absolutely no idea, but I do know that these are real tricky little blighters. I think they're eggs of some kind. Anyway, if you leave them alone, they'll sail by, firing shots at their leisure. Shoot them, however, and you're in trouble, because then the egg disintegrates and three little flesh-coloured... things... pop out. They home in on you and are incredibly resilient to your fire.

Ah, this one I know. The thing on the left is a pond-skater. The beetle on the right is a water beetle of some kind.

The first pond boss, the eel. Tricks you by entering the screen from behind. It has a convoluted swimming pattern, but no weapons and is easy to destroy.

Stage 2

I have not even the slightest clue what that white thing is. It waits until you get within a certain distance, and then it drops down and launches itself at you like a missile. It's very fast and very tough, but all you really need to do is avoid it.

Another one of those colourful fish.

Here, the path splits and you have to make a choice. Through the air or underwater?

Above the pond, you have insects to deal with; below the surface, fish.

The boss, a scary lobster. This one can be tricky. He can hurl fireballs at you with both his pincers. The difficulty is avoiding them in the confined space.

If you kill him, his head gets rather gruesomely shredded.

Stage 3

Approaching the boss. The speedy white thing returns. The brown insect floats just below the surface and jumps down at you.

More of the horrible egg things, and not much room for manoeuvre.

And, uh, this isn't actually a very interesting shot at all. The bee is about to move into deeper water to meet the boss.

Boss - The Pike

The awesome pike is the largest enemy in the game. He starts with a menacing diagonal descent towards you.

The eye is his only weak spot.

The pike itself has no weapons other than its own body, but water snails sit on it like turrets and shoot at you. They can be destroyed, but they reappear.

If you don't kill the pike quickly, it moves around you, and you have to avoid its fins and the water snails firing at you. You can't take another shot at it until you've gone all the way round.

The tail of the pike.

And, below.

Level 3 - Sewers Blast