Level 3 - Sewers Blast

The deep waters of the pond lead into the sewer. As you might expect. Things start to turn real ugly.

Stage 1

As the level begins, waves of these bloated wasp-things approach.

Spiders crawl along the ceiling and drop down into the water. The green stuff is slime, which slows your bee down somewhat.

And that, as you may have guessed, is a bottle of poison that some inconsiderate person has flushed into the sewer. What if some poor, unsuspecting bee flies along and breathes some of the fumes, eh?

Well, this happens.

I was going to make a 'smoking is bad for you' joke here, but it wouldn't be particularly funny.

Even faulty wiring is out to get you. This swinging electricity cable shoots fatal sparks at you.

You're not going to believe this one. As far as I can tell, this is... mutated water. It leaps up to the ceiling and back down again.

And now we approach what is probably Apidya's most famous, or at least most infamous, boss. The dead rat isn't it, by the way. Aww, but it's so cute...

No, these are what you're up against. Three nasty maggots burst out of the rat corpse and start hurling glowing balls all over the place. If you're not too busy being sick, just blast them until they die. A good trick is to power up the stinger missile on the approach and then release it at the nearest maggot as soon as it emerges. Once the first one explodes, the other two are no problem.

Stage 2

Hexxae isn't choosy about who he hires. This bit is moderately nasty - the slime slows you down whilst an electricity cable and a toy soldier are determined to kill you.

The toy soldiers in their paper boats are tough, but not indestructible, as you can see. Another packet of cigarettes tries to make your life difficult.

And, uh, the boss. He tries to kill you, but I can hardly blame him. I mean, what kind of life is it for a soft drink can anyway?

Stage 3

Lovely echoey waily music on the lead-up to the big boss. Even in death, the can is a menace. Mutant wasps pour out of the end and swoop round toward you.

Immediately following that, there's a stretch where woodlice scuttle out of the side tunnels and start crawling along the sewer wall, randomly curling into balls and jumping off.

Some more acrobatic woodlice.

Boss - Dollface Brat

Aww, ain't she cute? The big sewer boss is, as you can see, a discarded rag doll. Bosses in Apidya rarely stay cute for long, though...

... and patched and worn though she may be, this rag doll is far from frail. Her most spectacular weapon is this eye-beam.

Her weak spot is the eye, but only when it turns yellow can any damage be inflicted. Unfortunately, the eye only turns yellow when she's angrily trying to kill you. She has two other weapons - one is her hand, which is in fact spring-loaded, and makes sharp grabs at where your bee might be.

And she can also spit swift globs of slime.

Level 4 - Techno Party!