Level 1 - Meadow's Edge

The first level sees you flying through, well, a meadow. Lots of plants, lots of insects.

Stage 1

The snail is the first enemy you meet that has a better weapon than the bog-standard little glowing ball - a fireball in this case. However, since it can't move and can only fire straight forward, it's pretty useless. You can blow his head off.

The stag beetle, on the other hand, is altogether more fearsome, spitting a hefty fireball at you with a lovely roaring sound. The grasshopper is in mid-leap. The red-and-yellow flower is a power-up for your bee.

The beautiful butterfly hovers slowly and fires little glowing balls and fireballs at you.

The end of level baddie, a caterpillar. It lobs glowing balls in all directions and spits fireballs at you. Easily destroyed.

Stage 2

These ladybirds are tougher than they look. They fly around you in a big circle.

A relatively hectic bit of the level. Two lines of flies weave at you, moths are firing their triple spread shots, and a grasshopper leaps straight up into the middle of it all.

Approaching the stage boss, the mole. Can you shoot something this cute?

Fortunately you don't have to make that decision, as he quickly turns real ugly, spitting fire and lobbing rocks at you.

Stage 3

Nearing the big boss, and the music turns all heavy and confrontational. Vertical waves of flies are popular. And look, the butterfly is back.

Another stag beetle, and a spider. The spider explodes into six glowing balls when you kill it.

Even the leaves are evil. If you shoot these they split into smaller leaves.


Boss - Praying Mantis

The first level's big boss. It's kind of cute in a stick-insect sort of way.

It fires bursts of strange spinning cocoons up in the air. In addition, it can block your fire with its front legs.

Some heavy sustained fire right in the eye will kill it, though. On to the pond...

Level 2 - The Pond