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Let's see now, we've covered Building and List Descriptions with Look-Notify... now let's try
This is a variance on LOOK descriptions, but allows you to look specifically at a part of a character, if the muck is setup for that in their look program.
For example, if you want to have someone see what your eyes look like specifically, they can issue a command, which can be either
look (YOUR NAME)=eyes OR
lookat (YOUR NAME)'s eyes ...(these are the two main formats to look at specific parts of a character). Before you can have a special part to view, you must make a list in the list editor (as we discussed on the first page).The first thing to do is to use the list editor to set a description for your eyes, and then issue a command to set the eyes property on yourself by typing
@propset me=str:/_details/eyes;eye:{list:eyes} {look-notify:{tell:{name:me} looks into your eyes... }}
This includes a standard notifier, and you should set this property on yourself after you set the list description in the editor first.

A very handy thing to remember is that you can remove unwanted lists from your character file also. For instance, if you want to remove the EYES list you just made, type
@set me=(LISTNAME)#: (ENTER) for eyes it would be
@set me=eyes#:
Hope this helps ya have lotsa great personalized features!

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