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First, here are some of my favorite links from 5 years of surfing the virtual sky...

 One of my earliest inspirations on the WWW  da kine

(tune in Hawaii online! and send support when ya can)


 Blow your mind with this fabulous place to find VINYL records Still Being Made, or just for music in general... Norwalk Records Online  more da kine!

(tune in more yet nudda place Hawaii online! send support when ya can)

 the bestest ever cat pal that I know...
you can see his comics HERE
 visit the hilarious, anthropomorphic...  Here's a Joyful Eagle, who is all about Music!
 & here's one who is all about Hockey!
 & here's a friend, who just happens to be an Eagle
Really nifty WebCounters
 The amazing, the musical, Mr. Dave  Got IRC?
Then come visit some fun chat birds
 The local animation union  The local animation association A fine online animation magazine! 
 A search engine, with Language translators, AltaVista  Another great search, with a cool  advanced sort option HotBot Great results often with this search spider too ixQuick   Your search may be over though, for an invigorating stay, ...in glorious Kauai, Hawaii Blow your mind again... with a visit to the fabulous Wizard!
sometimes eerie, always exquisite, Raptorous art by an online eagle
 ..in fact, ever think about being an eagle.. online? Here's a place to roleplay and interact improvisationally with other online avians too. It's a fun way to express your inner self!  Have a look at this great bird & puppy comic!  Come see the wonderful imagination of a friendly pokemon trainer ..who also draws the occasional eagle..

Here's another terrific comics link!

 Here's a pal

who likes classic trains, and also happens to be a fuzzy striped online engineer!
  One of the coolest places for communicating online these days is at LiveJournal Talk about puppies, Here's a really fun one.. with Spots!     Here's an inspirational site, by an inspirational friend...  See the way the World Wide Web was... back to 1996 !
  I can hardly say enough about this remarkable marten!
    and.. feel free to check out my FITNESS Page!  

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( something about smiling beaks that is just one of the most joyous things there is ^v^ )

Well, if you're still with me after that link adventure, here's a few morsels to munch...

COOKIES - an Update

Why would *any* site need to set a 30 year cookie on my computer??...


DVD and LaserDisc

I used to have a few paragraphs here about this, comparing the benefits of LaserDisc over DVD. It's kinda moot now, since the main LaserDisc company (Pioneer) officially stopped supporting them in February 2002.

So now we have DVD. It's cool. Yep. Much more available than ever was on Laser. Sometimes even great 'added feature' discs like we used to enjoy in the previous format.

I will say this about Laser... its greatest failure, which probably could have extended its desirability much longer, was failing to incorporate memory. I mean, even in the cheapest CD players have a memory feature that can store a segment of m usic that keeps them from skipping. Putting something in LaserDisc players to store even 10 seconds of information, could have kept people from having an annoying pause when the disc would change from side one to side two. And younger generations are never going to be able to enjoy those cool jackets with the huge art and easy to read liner notes.

Here's a little note about FAST Connections...
We have tried a number of fast services, including CABLE and DSL, and here's a few tips that might help you decide, if it is available in your area:
With DSL the pros are that you can often get a static IP address, which can allow you to easily run a home based server. The connection is not necessarily guaranteed though, as it is with Verizon (when it was GTE) we had no problems, but with Pacific Bell we were disconnected about every four days.
Also, the techs they send out to install weren't very knowledgeable in either case, and the Pac Bell guys were there 2 WHOLE DAYS because they didn't know what to do, and didn't have a direct line to their office.. they had to wait on hold too, every time they called in! And with DSL (except with Telocity service) you usually have a very lengthy contract to sign. :P Oh.. and be careful, some DSL services require an I.D. verifier like WinPoet or MacPoet, and these are not necessarily compatible with some machines.. In fact, our MAC was down for 4 hours, and we still haven't fixed the two network cards and software it broke in our windows machine!
So some services which allow a direct connection might work for you, but some DSLs, like EarthLink (PPPoE connection), we cannot use :P .....(footnote: EarthLink seems to have changed their policy, and now aren't strict about PPPoE, so more systems are likely to be compatible again.)

With CABLE the pros are that there usually isn't a long contract, and the connection speed can be a LOT faster, unless the line is crowded during peak time. Also, when we had power outages, the CABLE would autoconnect again when the computer would restart.. and you can still run a home server using an IP resolver service like DYNIP. All in all, we liked CABLE better.. but it isn't often available for businesses, since they do not like to lose money when too many users are involved.


I installed a wi-fi router in my home, and it worked well... until my neighbor got one also. After that, I could not use mine beyond one room. Arrgh!
I then tried TWO separate antenna boosters, a generic and a Belkin, and NEITHER had any signal effect whatsoever. :P
At last I tried the new APPLE Express AirPort... and w00t!!... it boosted my signal by about 50% ! (love this thing)


If you'd like to save some major funds on long distance telephone calls, you might be able to do so using some special 101+ access numbers. You might have heard about a few by now, but WOW, do they vary! Some have monthly charges, some have other pesky little costs attached too, which can blindside your real savings... but!... here are the two I use that seem to have the LEAST complications and BEST savings:

1016868  and  1015335

The first one is 7.9¢ per minute nationwide, AND Canada AND the U.K. (but not Alaska and Hawaii), and 4.5¢ per minute within California.
When needing to dial Hawaii, I use the 1015335 one, which is great too, but has a 10 minute (about 50¢) minimum, and neither have monthly minimum fees! To use 'em, just dial thos seven digits first, then your regular complete number just as always. If you aren't in California, be sure to check with these services first, as prices might vary a bit originating from different states.
p.s. when you use the 5335 one the first time, they ask for a code, which is 211593. We usually use the 6868 one, since it has no minimum.

...Good savings to you!

In Macintosh news... Can't decide what format computer to buy? Why not have the best of BOTH worlds... buy a PowerMac :o) You can have the fastest processor, the easiest get-the-job-done interface, and if you really feel the need for IBM in your life, just install a PC Card (OrangeMicro) or Software (RealPC, VirtualPC or SoftWindows) and you can even have Windows and DOS haunting the little Apple  circuit boards, yet making everything work peachy!  I sure love the combo of speed and versatility... and now I don't have to bug my IBM friends to play games on their system! ;o) And Hey!.. Now MacOS X with Linux power added! Check out the new G4, eMac, iBook or iMac ... (or even the new teeny on for just $500!) for yourself... :o)

Ah yes! I've been meaning to put this little gem up here for a while..
A long time ago, a very dear friend of mine gave me this little bird drawing that he did.

Now, I always think of this cheerful creature, whenever I take the plastic off of a six pack of aluminum cans, as he reminds us to be caring for our avian friends, and be certain to clip the plastic so that the holes cannot catch around any unfortunate feathers, if the item should happen to find its way into their winged world..
Remember, please clip your plastic can holders so that they won't bind around little necks.. :)

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