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UpdatedOctober 1999

Thanks for stopping in at the page. You'll find links to many animated, musical and otherwise fun things as time moves on. Please be sure to leave your WEB PAGE or E-MAIL in my mailbox too...

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Links to other sites on the Web:

...relax. It's paradise on the net! (and winning awards left & right!)
...blow your mind with this fabulous place to find VINYL records STILL BEING MADE or just music in general... see the write-up below!
...The local animation society now has it's own home page or e-mail... asifa@earthlink.net (the ASIFA-Hollywood office)
...(real) Eagles! info
...more Eagles! info
...you guessed it!
...raptorous art by Grant Freckelton(You _might_ COMMISSION him too!)
...da kine! (tune in Hawaii online! send support!)
... more da kine! (tune in more yet nudda place Hawaii online! send support!)
...the amazing, the musical, Mr. Dave
...grab a few Beatles while you're shopping
...visit the hilarious, anthropomorphic
...a cartoonist's best friend
...a fine online animation magazine!
...a fun place to roleplay and interact improvisationally as a nature critter. You will need a telnet or mudconnect application (info at site)
...a great search engine, with Language translators and the Best FREE internet based email!
...a terrific comics link
...aren't drawings free speech too?
...a place to meet friends in Brazil
...great results with this search too
...the bestest ever cat pal I know!
...the MOST enjoyable way to relax in glorious Kauai, Hawaii
...blow your mind with a visit to the Wizard!
...another great search engine, with advanced options... and also with free email
...hop to my kooky graphics page from nineteen ought 95 ...if ya wanna!

Thanks for coming by... My interests are... Animation, Music, Sciences and Sci-Fi/Fantasy, religion, and many other fun things. Jus' looking for terrific people to meet and chat with! Please e-mail me any additional musical, animated, or raptorous links for this page, or any comments you think might be helpful, ...or just say hi!

Thanks! This kooky page online since 12/15/95 :)

My e-mail is... (it's just a graphic so the mean ole junkmailers can't snaggle it any more... :)

I can now celebrate THREE years of being on the internet! YAY! ...er, where did it all go? :o)

A Word on Web Based email... Remember HOT MAIL?

I mean before MICROSOFT
took it over... It'sa kinda sad story.
They now deliver cookies, whether you Like IT or Not. :P    Same thing happened with
They made the mistake of forcing cookies upon their faithful clientele, ...you know, those unpleasant little things that stuff the computer you are using full of SENSITIVE information, like passwords, surfing habits and whatever else they can dream up. (some don't expire for 30, years! What on earth is the point of that..?
Sure, cookies can be good for some things maybe, but they should be an OPTION,
not a requirement.
One one hand, I am disappointed that asking them to reconsider their policy, instead of them being receptive and working to adjust for the customer, instead they just changed their lifetime email to the vanishing kind, so if you don't connect for 60 days, you go out with the trash...
OH WELL!... Off to greener pastures!... altavista.com and mail.netaddress.net seem to care about their customers, and cookies are just an OPTION there, so you don't need to have your personal information on every Kinko's machine in town if you decide to pick up your email there ... nice, eh?
Web-based email and cookies? They are mutually exclusive concepts...

What were they thinking!?? heheee!

Musical Update! Do you like MUSIC?
How about those NICE BIG LP covers when vinyl records were around?
with that GREAT BIG readable art that is only found on Laserdisc covers anymore? Guess what? ...You can STILL get vinyl on CURRENT releases, whether 45rpm 7inch singles on the HIT CHART, or any 33rpm LP that is released! YES!
Just contact this FANTASTIC store that is devoted to the medium...
NORWALK RECORDS, area code (562) 864-3415, or FAX 868-9833, or write 12023 Firestone Blvd., Norwalk, California, USA
You can visit them in person too!...
but even if you can't, they would be glad to assist you by MAIL-ORDER. They are a WONDERFUL resource! See the web page link above for them!

BY THE WAY... BEWARE of DVD for movies! The technology uses an INFORMATION LOSS compression, which means that you don't even get as much as you get on a video tape in many cases. If you should do a freeze frame for example, you are at the mercy of the manufacturer whether it even comes close to an accurate image.
They are GREAT for computer ware, but if you enjoy FULL experience video, stick with video or even better yet, the LASERDISC format which has that added bonus of LARGE ALBUM JACKETS with EASY TO SEE ART (wink! wink!) Check 'em online at Ken Crane's.


In other music news, I've been REALLY enjoying these Hawaiian Music sites in Real Audio :o) Check out the two links above! Brings back my ole romantic days on the shores of... oh! :) ...but I digress ...

In Macintosh news... Can't decide what format to buy? Why not have the best of BOTH worlds... buy a POWER MAC! :o) You can have the fastest processor, the easiest get-the-job-done interface, and if you really feel the need for IBM in your life, just install a PC Card (OrangeMicro) or Software (RealPC, VirtualPC or SoftWindows) and you can even have Windows and DOS haunting the little apple circuit boards, yet making everything work peachy! I sure love the combo of speed and versatility... and now I don't have to bug my IBM friends to play games on their system! :o) Check out the new G4 or iMac for yourself, or feel free to email me about em... :o)

Have fun!


Here's a NEW counter, for visits since around JULY 1999... but me not sure if itsa workin' right now... if it 'tiz, you should see a dragon snoozin'

(hehheh.. I know itz not that many... I don't really advertise all that much!) Had nearly a thousand afore ah had ta go and reset this here dragon...

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