Navira, Avatar of the Earth Mother

for those of you come her to see what it is that makes Navira tick... this is the place to look. For starters one need keep in mind that this is to be a reference -only- but is to be the main stay of any RP involving her. this will out line abilities, strengths, weaknesses and personality traits of worth while note.
NOTE: anything and everything on this page is to be STRICTLY OOC (Out Of Character) knowledge. i will not tolerate someone coming to this site, reading up on Navira's strengths and her weaknesses, and then using them to find ways to subdue, or even kill her. that is -not- why this page is up.
Navira Silvertalon was created and Conceived on November 23, 1997 and is the epress property of Wyvern Keep Publishing
Glamour : an ancient technique passed down to her from her Great Grandmother the Lady Archaeopteryx Firestorm. with this technique one may pierce the illusions crafted to fool the eye, or even weave ones body into a form so realistic, not even the gods may see past it. to this she is a mere master, not yet attained her Adept status though she is not far off in her training. new forms are a labor intensive process requiring many weeks to study, and to perfect. at present she has only a few forms, having found the needs only for  these simple forms though the define her actions.
Azure Phoenix Angelic Phoenix Golden Dragoness Gray Vixen
in this form Navira is at her most powerful, but also her most vulnerable. here she can channel vast amounts of energy, even  change whole echo systems to suit the desires and  needs of her mistress the Earth Mother in this form Navira is  something of a mercy bringer. her abilites are limited, and she has few if any means of defending her self. though she does Carry WoundHealer in this form  Navira can Swim, her body becoming extremely  aerodynamic, and streamlined. her unique scaling gives her the perfect sleekness to enjoy the bounties of the sea, though she is capable of much 
much more...
this is Navira multi function form, she hunts, lives, even serves in this form. to her credit this is her newest form, it has fast become her favorite, and most useful

Telekinesis :one of Navira's most used abilities. she can and will be as deft with it as a surgeon is with a scalpel. with her advanced knowledge of the living anatomy she can stop a heart, or mend a bone, wrend a body lim from limb, or encourage a wound to stay closed. such is her skill in this, that she has been proven time and again to be a P1 class telekinetic. her net and max exertion of her unaugmented kinetic strength is unrivaled, capable of lifting far in excess of 300 metric tones, in her augmented state, that of where RazorBack is at her side she is capable of  nearly unlimited feats truly of goddess like proportions. but with this comes a vast price. it requires her concentration to do anything complex. in most cases she is able to recover quickly, but for complexities such as manipulating cells to mend a bone her concentration can be so absolute that as soon as she relaxes she will pass out.

Telepathy : the second of Navira's most used abilities, is her ability to use mindspeach. with it she can pick thoughts from the surface of most any mind, pass a needed bit of info with out ever needing be near a person. if needed she can even grasp a persons mind, and bind them within a single thought. but this causes her great pain to do that she does not do it often.. save in dire emergencies or when absolutely needed. one other things that she might attempt, is during the course of a healing. she enters a deep three part trance. in each part of the trance her body becomes linked with the one whom she  forges this link to. this link is a temporary thing though. and will fade as soon as she severs her connection to the one she is linked too..
  Stage One Bonding Stage Two Bonding Stage Three Bonding Stage Four Bonding
Effect (upon Navira) varies. bond can be made with a touch, or with conscious thought deepening contact. capable of deep reading of thoughts 2nd highest plateau. 5 senses begin to intermix with subject, allowing her to feel as they do the highest plateau, unknown what effects there might be...
(result of bond breaking)
minimal, mild head ache for both involved in link if link is severed moderately taxing, mind mind lash for both involved in the link if link is severed prematurely majorly taxing, extreme mind lash and burning of mental capabilities, may cause death for whom ever is linked to her Extreme, lethal for who she is linked too
Time needed to recover Minutes, Even seconds two or three hours at the least a day, maybe as long as a week. as soon as a week, but more likely to be months in recovery

Increase of Base Powers : this is where things will become hard to understand. Navira  derives the mainstay of her abilities from the bonds of friendship she holds with her closest and most trusted friends. when she has many, she is unstoppable, when she has few she is weak and unable to do most things. this is the source of both her strength and weakness. it is also her most closely guarded secret. because if she should loose all her friends... she will slowly die a wasting death.

Blood : Navira's blood is a rather unique substance, to those who feed off of the vitae of others, it binds them, allows her to control, to force them to do her biding, also as a side note, for those of the vamperic tendancy.. he blood can easily turn them to life, though the powers they had as kindred will remain. her blood will react acording to how much is injested. it can take months or minutes to give her control of a person. if it is just enough to sate a persons need for vitae, it may take days before her control maybe complete, if more than that say near lethal amounts... minutes.

RazorBack : created by her father Arcanix Firestorm, this is something one would expect to exist on the field of battle. in fact she once did. Navi has been known as the battle angel of mercy, moving threw a field of war with RazorBack right along side her as she methodically tended the wounded and dying. Razor back is by no means a simple pet. she is navi's augmentation. hidden deep inside her chest, and part of her body is a micro Gestalt Generator (M.eG.G.) with razorback beside her, she is able to augment her powers, her kenesis mostly. enabling her to do such things as strip the local surrounding, and craft body armor for her self, or to erect a wall of force to repel even the shock wave of tank blast with little or no effort. such is this augmentation. but it is not with out it's price. in using RazorBacks M.eG.G. she hyper reacts her metabolism. causes herself to use up her bodies resources at a phenomenal rate. this can, and will lead to a stasis like state where her body will cannibalize it's self until she reawakens, or unless someone is there to see that she is fed to prevent her bodies usage of it's self for fuel

Navira's Hip Pouch : this handy little pouch is sort of like the hip pouch that most persons use in this day and age. but it has one notable difference. her father has made it a bag of holding. meaning Navi has only to reach into it, concentrate for an instant and pull the needed item out. she does in fact have this much in the pouch!

Talons : Navira's talons, speculated to be something given her by the Earth mother, they are in fact a gift from her father. the talons, made of a nigh indestructible poly organic metallic alloy known as Trisideonite. this metal, capable of rending even stone, steel, and many other weapons has been expertly crafted to fit to Navira in -any- form she takes. in her Avian forms they make them selves know as her talons and beak, in her draconic forms as her talons, and in her vulpine forms as her claws. all are retractable, and are Razor sharp. the only draw back to them that Navira experiences is that to unsheathe them... she must endure the wound of their exit when in her vulpine form. all other forms they leave no harm done to her.