welcome to Navira's page, here you will begin to learn her past, and her personality. here you will begin findoing out what her life is about.


at preasant there is not much to speak of. Navira's warmth and her personality has touched many, and helped even more. .. the furture only knows what will become of her, will she fallow in her Grand Dam's path to become a high preistess? will she fallow in her fathers path to become a guardian.. or will she blaze her own path?

in the past, she has known great pain, and stryfe. such has been her life, but never has she relented to let her ways become complacent. always she puts the welfare of others before her own. perhaps the Order of Scribes will take note of her, and set Navira's Past to pen, and save her acomplishments for the furture.

for those who have met her upon the many worlds that exist, you may wish to learn more of exactly what she now has at her beck and call. for this purpose Navira's Character sheet has been made available for this purpose. use it wisely.

for those of you wishing to seek out Navira, she is found curently upon four MUCKs, and one MUD. if you wish, you may leave her mail, if not, seek her out, and interact with her... she enjoys this in many respects

Navira@Dark Side of the Fluff MUCK