The World Bird Sanctuary Open House
October 21, 2000

The World Bird Sanctuary, located near St. Louis, MO, had it's annual open house in October at it's new Education Center. This gave me the opportunity to see many amazing and exotic species of birds, especially raptors, which they specialize in.

Here is a portion of the pictures I took that day. I've sorted the pictures by species. If I've misidentified anything, or made any other terrible errors, please contact me.

Augur Buzzard

A rather interestingly colored bird, it was described as the "Red-Tailed Hawk of Africa".

Andean Condor

The largest bird in the world. I wasn't quite as filled with awe at the sight of them as I expected. Perhaps if I saw one soaring...

American Kestrel

- One of the cutest little raptors you could find.
Perching on Glove- At the flight demonstration.
Balancing While Eating- Trying to get at his food.

Baleateur Eagle
Lying down- For the first hour or so, he stayed in this position, probably rather unused to the people around him.
Blink- He decides to flash his niciating membranes.
Standing- Finally up and about.

Bald Eagle
Flag and Eagle
- Patriot in front of a flag. Makes for a rather good picture...
Back View- The back of Patriot's wings.
On Glove  1  2  3- Another of the center's Bald Eagles. This one has had it a bit rough. Hatched in captivity and released in Florida, he was left blinded in his left eye by a gunshot within his first year.

Barn Owl

Common Buzzard
- Bueto Buteo, sitting on a bow perch.

European Kestrel
Perching  1  2
- Not as colorful as the related American species, but still a wonderful small raptor.

Eurasian Eagle Owl
Perching Side  Back
-  A simply Massive owl, with impressive orange eyes. I'm afraid the scan dosen't  do the eye color justice.

Ferruginous Hawk
- Regally perching, the light really helped this picture.
Quarter view 1
Quarter view 2
- A little bit floofy, a lot blurry.

Golden Eagle
On Glove  1  2
-  Beautiful shots of the handlers with a *very* large male Golden Eagle.
Perching  1  2

Great Horned Owl
Leucocystic - Perching  1  2- On Glove
- The WBS's leucocystic (near-albino) Great Horned owl. Quite a stunning sight.
Normal - Perching  Front  Side- A normal Great Horned Owl.

Harris' Hawk
Perching - Side  Front  Leaning  -
This Harris'  Hawk is one of the director's falconry birds.

Lizard Buzzard
On Glove
- Perhaps the prettiest small raptor around, in competition with the American Kestrel, I really fell in love with these African birds...
Perching - Quarter  Front-  More shots of the cute little guy.

Long-Crested Eagle
Perching  1  2
- Another African raptor, this Long-Crested Eagle was confiscated when he was being smuggled into the country.
Close Up - One of the meanest looking raptors around. The white dots in these on-glove pictures aren't negative dust, for once. They're water drops.
Huh?- He looks a bit inquisitive in this shot. He's being held here because he would get hot in the direct sun and become restless.
Looking- Another shot showing off his interesting crest.

Thick-Billed parrots are at the center to become a base for a breeding program.

Peregrine Falcons
Perching  1  2
On Ground
On Glove
- During the flight demo. (They didn't fly the Peregrine)

Red-Tailed Hawk
- This (blurry) picture shows off the coloring of the wings and tail.
Looking  Left  Right- Another falconry bird, this Red-Tail gave me some of the best pictures, since he was out in the open.
Front- a very blurry picture, showing off some fluffy breast feathers.

Screech Owl

A type of African stork, sunning themselves.

Wedge-Tailed Eagle
- I was able to get many shots of this interesting Australian bird.
Right Side
Mantling - Quarter  Front  Front 2  Back  Back  2
- Some great shots. The back shot really shows why they're called Wedge-Tails...
Looking Left

Defiant- Perhaps he dosen't like all these pictures...
Blink!- The Wedgie displays his niciating membranes.