As part of my fascination with things that fly, I love airplanes. I enjoy watching and taking pictures of them. I've also had the foretune to have been near some excellent spotting locations over the years. The majority of new pictures will be taken at Lambert St. Louis International Airport, my new home field.

727 Low Approach - 1  2

These pictures were taken on October 7, 2000. The last 727 passenger flight for TWA came in , and the plane did a low approach to the field prior to landing.

MD80 Touchdown

This TWA MD80 gives an excellent demonstration of tire smoke on landing

C-130 Up Close

Taken at the Aberdeen Proving    Grounds, MD, during a military vehicle convention. The crew of this C-130    based out of Pope AFB (the gryphon (close-up) is    the base logo), carrying paratroops for an excersise on base, decided to    check out the festivities.  

Constellation - 1  2  3

This Lockheed Constellation, one of only a few left flying, stopped at York,  PA on it's way to an airshow at Willow Grove NAS, also in PA. Despite the  rather dismal conditions, I was able to get some decent pictures of this  magnificent plane.