New - Pictures of the WBS Open House(10/25/00)

Birds are a tremendous symbol of freedom. After all, what can be more free than a wild creature that, by means of flight, can go nearly wherever it pleases? 


Here are some of the bird pictures that I have taken at various places over the last year.

Hawk on a Tower - Front  Side

These pictures were taken in October, 1999 on a highway outside of Pittsburgh, PA. I was foretunate enough to be a passenger in the car when I saw a bird perching on a wireless phone tower near the road. (Closeups: FrontSide)

The Bread Birds - 1  2  3  4

I was attending a military radio convention in California when I took these pictures. Some bread leftover from lunch was (quite sensibly) left out for the birds to eat. This, of course, brought all the birds in the area out, including a sparrow who seemed intent on shaking crumbs everywhere.

Goose in a jug

A Canadian Goose takes advantage of an artificial nest pole at the Busch Conservation Area, St. Charles County, MO.

Swans at Greenfield-1  2  3  4 5  6  7  8

A family of Mute Swans, taken at the Greenfield Industrial Park, in Lancaster, PA