Almost pure white from her head to her black taloned feet, SnowFeather stands as a mark of rarity in her species. Snowy Owls for the most part, specially females have more dark markings along their wings and plumage. SnowFeather barely has the few black bars that mark her tail-feathers. Her eyes are of a ice-blue, shining like clear diamonds in the light of a clear blue sky. As you peer longingly into her precious eyes, you may also notice her sharp, black beak. The beak is sharp and strong, able to tear into her prey with little effort.

SnowFeather stands roughly around four foot tall, and her soft white wings span out to almost twelve and a half feet across. When fully extended, you can see all the light grey to black markings along her strong, beautiful wings. Her legs are rather hidden behind some of the softest, fluffiest white feathers, only letting the black of her talons show. SnowFeather knows you see her, she can sense you presence. For this young feather princess has a keen awareness of her surroundings at all times.
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