Hiyas!!  This is our MUCK section on our site, we have a lot of info here on MUCK's in general, as well as the ones we're on. We'll have programming, and building tips, and ideas here, as well as some other interesting things that we have and can share. Please let us know what you think.
MUCK Building Basics!!!
This will help you understand how to build, and layout your muck home/world/or what ever you are deciding to build.  It mainly applies to the mucks Fe'ath and I are on though. Since others can have different setups and programs on them.
The MUD Connector!
This is a great place to find info on all kinds of MU's.
This is an Avian based MU, that really is where I found out how much I love feathers.
This is where SnowFeather got her start originally at MUCKing!!!
You can download MUSHclient here, I recommend it for all MU*'s, it is really nice, and easy to use, and quick to learn. Enjoy!

MUSHclient for Windows 9x version 2.15

Please visit MUSHclients Home Page as well!!


All ADULT MU!  This isn't for anyone under 18, and is not just another friendly place.  Read, and head all rules on their site.  It is a interesting place, but innocent it is not!