. o O An Ural Owl called Fe'ath sees you looking at her! O o .

Approximately four foot tall when standing fully erect, her basic colouring is a very pale creamy-brown, with hues of grey. Darker chocolate-brown barring mark her primaries and tailfeathers, and this same colour flecks the feathers on her chest and back. Quite massively built, her wingspan is large enough to compensate, at a big twelve foot across. Unusually, her eyes are dark, and not the yellow associated with most other raptors, giving her face a more softer appearance than what might be expected. Her horn-coloured beak protrudes minimally from the covering feathers of her facial disc, and looks suitable sharp for dealing with any foolish rodent who scurries nearby. She enjoys conversing with anyone and anything, even if it's just before she makes a meal of it. Often happy to just perch in one location and soak up equal quantities of sunlight, moonlight, and conversation, she often keeps herself aloof from what she considers to be the more frivolous activities of younger fledgelings. A pair of anklets are secured around her legs, being highly decorative.