The Raptorian Sector -- doesn't the header look nicer than before?


Welcome, weary traveler! You have stumbled upon one of the most remote, backwater sectors of this galaxy -- by accident or by intention, it does not matter. As long as your mind is open, curious, and respectful, you are welcome.

Come, enjoy the sights and spectacles of my abode, the Raptorian Sector! Here, celestial aquilines fly among the stars, keeping vigil as human creations spring to life in two dimensions. Won't you come take a look?


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Hello, I'm Rachel K. Clark. This is, as you might have guessed, my personal homepage.

What is here? (A question easier asked than answered!) Virtually everything on these pages is my original creation, meaning you'll only find my work here. However, if you have a place in your heart for birds, dinosaurs of ages past, dragons, Pokémon, EVAs, nature, art, fantasy, science-fiction, or eccentric folk like myself, you'll certainly find something of interest.

(By the way, there's also a page here that deals with Japanese imports, mainly CDs and books, and features my amateur translations. I suppose the translations are my work, in a way. I'm also writing a page about the Evangelions of the anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion," but who knows if that'll ever see the light...)


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A moment to mention my eternal gratitude to Lord Skandranon for providing a home for my little backwater site. ::does a little Japanese bow:: "Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!!!"

And my thanks to you for visiting my inane webpage and taking the time to read this nonsense! Enjoy your visit, drop me a line, and be patient (very patient) as I slowly ply TRS into the almighty web page I've always envisioned.

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 Last updated on February 1, 2004

Sigh! Will anything interesting ever happen on this page? ...not likely!

But at least there's a new Banter and a few new pics on the NGE fanart page. In the works is a gallery page about the various things I've been doing in college, so there's at least that much to look foward to.

Check out "History" for a record of past updates!


A collection of my artwork
Artwork by me. Calling it a "Gallery" sounds a tad pompous, but the term serves its purpose...

Information about yours truly

Seen my artwork? Read my rantings? Still left wondering, "By Gawd, who is this weirdo?" Here are some vaguely enlightening statistics on yours truly.

100% completely random rantings. My personal depositorium of written eccentricities.

Reichu's VGM
A seperate entity from TRS but "maintained" (hah...hah) by me. A fan page with information about video game music and other stuff. "Exclusive" translations and scans, too!

Gryphon -- no real purpose, but it looks cool.  Be wary of stained glass patterns on the market that may have ripped this picture off.  No, really.  I'm serious.


A spur-of-the-moment creation. Could be called "What happens when Rachel sits down with a microphone." This page is extremely pointless, but hearing my gawd-awful Pokémon impersonations and other randomness can be a cheap source of entertainment.


Chikorita's just here until I come up with a more 'avian' graphic...  Then again, Chikorita is -supposed- to be a sauropod or something.  Guess that's close enough. ;;p


A small assemblage of Internet curiosities, fine sources of information on various things, and other bookmarked randomness. These pages are worth my own constantly-frittered time, so perhaps you'll find something of amusement.

Make sure you let Donny bite you before you go!


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