Description of *Paragon*

*Paragon* (his name does include the asterisks) is anthropomorphic; i.e. he stands upright on two legs. He has the head and neck of a dragon and the rest of his body (except the tail) is that of a gryphon, meaning his chest and arms are feathered and his hands are four-fingered talons while his torso, legs and feet are fur-covered and resemble and anthropomorphic lion. He also has wings like a gryphon and a phoenix tail. His head and neck is that of a dragon, smooth and silvery, with a chromatic sheen. His face is narrow and has an elongated pointed snout with a very slight hooked-beak appearance at the end. He has only a small row of teeth, but when his mouth is closed no teeth can be seen sticking outside. A single golden smooth horn grows from his forehead, curving upward and ending in a sharp point (see one of M. Peña's Ki-Rin models for an example). His eyes are catlike, ruby red with golden irises. He also has gryphon-like ear tufts. His wings are like those of a bird (specifically a hawk) except that a small horn-like appendage sticks out of each of the wing joints. His torso and legs are like those of an anthropomorphic lion and he walks digitigrade. His tail is similar to the phoenix, which I picture to be like the long tails of a peacock, including the eyespots, but fiery red and with golden eyespots. However, he cannot spread them like a peacock can. When standing upright the tail slightly curves toward his feet, but does not touch the ground.

image copyright © 1999 by Clark Alan Corwin