What's New

Here you will find the latest updates to the site plus some musings by yours truly.


11- 12 - 00 : I've placed images of mythical creature shirts on the Photos page. Take a look! I've also added my site to a couple of webrings. If there are webrings out there that are appropriate for my site to link to, let me know!
11- 6 - 00 : Yes, it has been awhile since my last update... Due to the unpredictable nature of the Cybercities server, I've moved my page to a new site. Thanks Lord Skandranon for hosting my site! I've only done some cosmetic changes for now due to the move, then I'll update my links and rings and then hopefully get some new material posted shortly.
3 - 19 - 00 : It's been exactly a month since I've updated the site.  It's been down several times lately because Cybercities has been updating their servers.  It should be stable now.  I've made some several changes around the site, so take a look around! Also, the Photo Gallery now leads to another site where I can keep all my photos: Netdrive.com.  The Topic of the Month feature an article--more like an opinion piece :) --about the depiction of unicorns in art.
2 - 19 - 00 : Added a new picture of *me* under About *Paragon* :)
2 - 16 - 00 : Added a new section, the Photo Gallery, where I will post some pictures I took with my digital camera.  Only one picture now, but check it periodically for new pics.
1 - 30 - 00 : The "Mythical Creature of the Month" has changed to "Topic of the Month" because instead of featuring a creature, I have an article about free internet services, which I hope someone will find useful, since all of this would not be possible if it weren't for the various services mentioned in that article that I've used.
12 - 30 - 99 : Made a slight alteration with the Emblem design (removed the purple background).
12 - 28 - 99 : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I've updated the Mythical Creature of the Month and colorized the Emblem.  Stay tuned to more info on the Emblem design, and about *myself*. :)
12 - 10 - 99 : I've officially moved my site to Cybercities.  No more ad banners for me!
12 - 5 - 99 : Getting tired of the pop-up Tripod banner?  Me too!  I am considering relocating my site to my ad-free one at http://www3.cybercities.com/k/karkadann, probably by the end of the week.
12 - 4 - 99 : The Mythical Creature of the Month now features the karkadann, an Arabian unicorn.  You might notice that I use the name in my URL and in my email!
11 - 28 - 99 : Added a Ring section and added some extra info about Glatisant.  Is she a true monster, or just a "misunderstood" creature? ;)
11 - 26 - 99 : HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Did a major overhaul on the look of the site.  Removed the midi song from the main page; it wasn't really needed.  Also removed the counter as it didn't keep track of hits correctly.
10 - 31 - 99 : HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Finally put a description of *myself*, plus a description of the emblem design, and one other big addition, the Mythical Creature of the Month!  Check it out!
10 - 17 - 99 : Redone the current pages to make it look good under 800 x 600 resolution. Changed the pic of *me* in the main page to a smaller progressive jpeg.
10 - 13 - 99 : Some minor changes.  I discovered that there are separate codes to get midi music to play on both IE and Netscape browsers.  Should work now.  Added more links to my Links page.  Go take a look!
10 - 11 - 99 : Added a counter to the main page, so I can keep track of the number of travelers to my humble abode. ;)  Added midi music to my front page--Lothlórien, by Enya.  Also advertised my banner, if anyone wants to link up my homepage with theirs!
10 - 9 - 99 : I've redone the main page, plus started adding some links to my Links page.  I hope to put some real content to my site soon.  I'm still a novice at web design, but I'm slowly learning in my limited spare time.