Being a shoot-em-up, Apidya naturally has a host of weapons and upgrades on offer.

Power-ups in Apidya come in the form of red-and-yellow flowers which are often left by destroyed enemies or enemy waves.

Apidya has a Gradius-style weapon bar at the bottom of the screen. Collecting power-ups enables you to access the different weapons.

Speed upBombSpread shotLightningPlasmaDroneShieldSlow down

Standard weapons

These are the weapons that the wasp always has.

The peashooter

'Peashooter' is technical shmup terminology (probably) for the weedy gun that you start off with.

The stinger missile

Beautiful. Apidya's answer to R-Type's build-up energy beam is this huge missile (which, curiously, is actually bigger than the bee itself). Holding down the fire button for about a second causes your bee to make a strange hissing sound, which means the missile is ready; releasing the fire button fires the missile.

It's usually good for wiping out whole waves of enemies. The main advantage, however, is that it can often penetrate through solid land to hit otherwise untouchable enemies. This is particularly useful on Level 4.

Special weapons

These weapons can be obtained by collecting power-ups.

Speed up

Fairly standard power-up; makes your bee move faster.


Equipping the bomb once gives you a single bomb which falls under gravity. Equipping it again gives you two bombs which shoot along the two forward diagonals and skim along surfaces until they hit something. The single bomb is sometimes more effective, because it can bomb rapidly at close range.

Spread shot

Equipping this once gives you a triple spread shot - two extra bullets which look a bit like spinning red sunflower seeds accompany the peashooter.

Equipping it again gives you a five-way spread shot.


Gives you bolts of green lightning (or blue underwater). They're very fast and you can get three of them at once.


This impressive-looking weapon is also the most powerful. It's an undulating ball of energy.

Powering it up more than once gives you two weaving plasma balls. It can be powered up four times.


A small, indestructible bee which accompanies you and has its own small peashooter. They don't make much of a difference to your firepower, but these things can be very useful, as you can use them as shields from enemy shots. (They're invaluable on Level 4.) You can get a maximum of two drones.


The shield is a glittering energy field which surrounds your bee. It can absorb a few normal shots from enemies, or save you in a collision with a weak enemy. The shield is the only power that does not carry from one level to the next, so a good tactic is to collect enough power-ups for the shield just before you meet a level boss, and then immediately activate the shield when you get to the next level.

Slow down

If you've inadvertently given your bee too many speed-ups, this will slow it down.