The music of Apidya

One of Apidya's finest qualities is its beautiful soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck. Unfortunately, if you don't have the game, getting to listen to the music isn't very straightforward, as it's in a rather obscure format called TFMX.

So, I have attempted to solve this problem by encoding the TFMX modules into low quality MP3 files. If you do wish to listen to the original TFMX modules, (which sound clearer and have more of the tunes on them), I've included them for download further below, as well as a little guide to getting them playing.

The song list

Here's a list of the song files, the subsongs and their descriptions. Known song titles are in italics. Click on the links to download an MP3 of the tune.

Apidya title theme and intro music
1Same as above, but without the short timpani-roll intro.
2'Heroes Save The Planet'
Nice heroic trumpet piece that plays when you get a highscore.
3The beautifully ominous bit from the intro music, when Hexaae's mutant swarm poisons Yuri.
api-lvl1.tfx0Meadow's Edge 1
The first tune heard when playing the game, and probably the best-known.
1Praying Mantis
2Game Over
3'Level Complete'
Although it looks like this song and the above appear several times in the list, in fact each level has a different-style 'Level complete' and 'Game over' jingle. This is probably a carryover from the Turrican games, which Chris Hülsbeck also did the music for.
4Meadow's Edge 2
5Meadow's Edge 3
The music becomes heavy and ominous on the approach to the Praying Mantis.
6Heaven and Hell
api-lvl2.tfx0The Pond 1
1Pike Boss
2Game Over
3'Level Complete'
4The Pond 2
5The Pond 3
A nice relaxing pond piece before the boss.
6Pike Stomach
7'Underground 2'
This is a version of Underground from Level 1, but with pond-style samples. It accompanies a bonus level on Stage 2-2.
api-lvl3.tfx0Sewers Blast 1
I love this piece. It just is sewer music.
1Dollface Brat
I like this one too. It's bizarre and lively.
2Game Over
3'Level Complete'
4Sewers Blast 2
5Sewers Blast 3
Short but nice echoey, waily piece just before the boss.
api-lvl4.tfx0Techno Party 1
An excellent dance-style techno-piece. Apidya's techno music was praised by a few magazines at the time, who hadn't heard anything like it in Amiga games before.
1Techno Gun
Accompanies the boss on Stage 2 of Level 4 (supposedly the 'big boss' on Level 4).
2Game Over
3'Level Complete'
4Techno Party 2
Another nice little techno-tune; accompanies the 'Mecha-crab' boss.
5Techno Party 3
And another somewhat more bizarre tune for Stage 2 of Level 4.
6Not really a piece of music, this is just a tiny, slowed-down extract of Speed of Light, below.
7Speed of Light
For 16 years I strongly suspected this piece went with a bonus stage on Level 4. That has now been shown to be true - see the bonus stages page for details. Anyhow, it's a nifty, fast-paced little tune.
api-lvl5.tfx0Boss Panic
A lovely dark piece, well suited to the level it plays on.
1Hornet Boss
Not actually music at all, but the sound of the final boss.
2Game Over
3'Level Complete'
4A short, sped-up loop of the percussive accompaniment to Boss Panic.
I don't know what this piece is called or where it features (sounds like it might be the accompaniment for the end sequence), but the main melody is nice. Reminds me of Pachelbel's Canon.
1End Credits
If you listen to nothing else listed here, listen to this. It is simply breathtaking. Note that it's subsong 1, not 0 - you have to specifically access the subsongs to hear it.
2A short loop of the Canon-ish bit from subsong 0.
3The climax of the End Credits.

The TFMX format

TFMX was a music file format created by Chris Hülsbeck for the various Amiga games he worked on. A TFMX module is made up of two files: one (usually a .tfx file) contains the song data, and the other (usually a .sam file) contains the sound data.

TFMX modules are not single pieces of music: they generally contain several subsongs.

Getting the TFMX files

The music files can be found on the web, or you can download them here.

Apidya music files, 516KB zip file

You should end up with 14 different files: seven .tfx files and seven .sam files. Namely:








Playing the TFMX modules

The potentially tricky part. What you need is a TFMX player.

DeliPlayer is the best player for Amiga file formats, and will play all TFMX files, and is probably the easiest to use.

If you fancy a more technical TFMX player: Jon 'Marx Marvelous' Pickard decoded Hülsbeck's format and wrote the original player, tfmxplay, which was subsequently ported to Windows by Per Linden. It can be downloaded from his page: He also made a Winamp plugin which does the same, which is here at the old Winamp site.

When you're playing the songs, you always play the .tfx file, not the .sam file.

Remember that a single TFMX module contains subsongs, and you have to specify which one you want by number.