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All images not labeled as commissions are available as prints. Ink prints go for $7 each. Line work commissions go for $10, other black and white style commissions, such as those with large black areas, halftone, or intricate details go for $15. Email me to order. I'll also be happy to answer any questions you may have.


This is, quite frankly, a generic female raptor who is completely unnamed. I may take suggesstions on the title of the work or her species, and then render her accordingly, in full color. There might even be a prize in it for the best suggestion... Ooo, I love promotions.

"A Figure Study of Gyre"

This is, now and forever, the final design of Gyre, and an excellent anatomy example of an anthropomorphic raptor. I am going to use this and a female figure study I am working on, to create an anatomy "blueprint" to better explain how my version of anthro avians works.

"Go Falcons!"

Quite simply, I did this as a commission for a cheerleader squad, whose school mascot is a falcon. I like that school already.

"Go Rams!" Part one...

I did this...

"Go Rams!" Part two

... and this for a school whose mascot is, *gasp* a ram! I'm such a hack, but it is nice to do furry artwork by request from non-furry patrons.

"Pumping Iron"

Now THIS is how you get Grade A beef... though trying to butcher him will probably get you killed.

"Dolph, Interrupted While Preening"

Gyre "sculpted" this pic for a friend on Tapestries MUCK. It's not very good, I'll have to make it up to him.

"Perky the Shy"

I did this for Perky of FurryMUCK and Taps, and while she's anything but shy, really, she did pose nicely like this onmuck, so I brought it to ink.

"Pretty Pony"

This pretty pony really couldn't be called "little." I've been experimenting with different body styles, and I really think this one came out well. My style has been more molded by American comics than anything, really, so I get stuck on the "perfect" physique when dealing with both sexes occasionally. I think this neatly shows off her anatomy, which is more like what a real female athlete looks like.

"Purrsia's Snowball"

Gyre "sculpted" this pic on Taps, while watching Purrsia draw the ice he cut away into a neat little snowball. Isn't she cute?

"A Figure Study of WhiteWolf"

This will most certainly see color, along with a CGI background, axe, and various accessories. Eventually, this will be the character profile picutre of WhiteWolf, the bounty hunter from the Guardian Realm.