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All images not labeled as commissions are available as prints. All color prints are $11 in plain format, and $15 in glossy format. Commissions are $15 for a color, single figure study, no background, $20 for multiple figures, or a figure with props (vehicles, trees, etc.), and $25 will get you nearly anything you can dream up, in full color, computer generated environments, all printed on glossy photopaper, suitable for framing or display as a poster. Email me to order. I'll also be happy to answer any questions you may have.

"Furry By Choice"

I had hoped (and still do), that this one, and its variant, "Furry By Nature" would become fairly popular items in the furry fandom. Hmm, maybe I need to promote more.

"Teddy Bears' First Christmas"

Awwww... here's Teddi and Plushi bear under their first Christmas tree. This one is not obscene (none of them are, really) but it's still not for the kiddies. Prints of this one are also available split up to show only Teddi (the boy) or Plushi (the girl), I'll have those uploaded soon.

"Gasping for Air"

A friend of mine once looked at my then-mate's heaving bosom during a three-on-three basketball game and asked "How do they DO that?" This is for all those out there who can make simple breathing into a turn-on.

"The Magnificent Golden Dragon"

Eh, I felt like making a dragon. I like this one, it's one of my favorites. Suitable for desktop wallpaper, too. The lightening was made from a random, irridescent surface I created in Bryce, hence the different colors.

"The Throne of Bast"

You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Just suffice to say, Bast is gorgeously perfect (better than perfectly gorgeous) beyond imagining. This is the best I could do, a living obsidian statue in the nude.

"Nature Calls, Even at Sea"

Ahem. A morphic female and not so morphic male California seal doing what comes naturally... On a rock. In the sea.

"Tiel in a Gilded Cage"

It's nice to have pets. And she doesn't seem to mind being one, either.

"Walking on the Sun"

A phoenix girl caught taking a liesurely stroll across the surface of the sun. Eh... maybe she needed a tan?

"Watch Out!"

A female falcon drops from a giant tree, ready to snag her prey. This is more or less a still capture...

"Watch Out!" Blurred Variant

... and this is a motion-blurred version, more like what you'd get if you actually took her picture while she was doing this.

"Welcome, Master"

Ah... a harem bunny. Can't get enough of those harem bunnies. This one is waiting outside a red, Turkish style tent, while a golden throne waits inside. All for you!

"You Rang?"

Something tells me the pizza delivery lion behind that box is going to get a bigger tip than he planned on. I couldn't help but imagine his face as I made this, I'll have to draw it sometime.