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You have reached the gateway to the Guardian Realm, a universe separate from your own, where the laws of nature yield somewhat to those of the mind. It is the Realm that protects all others from the ravages of chaos, separating the concrete Realms from those of imagination. As such, it reflects the wonders every Realm may hold. Here, you will see the impossible, the beautiful, and the provacative. My name is Gyre, and I will be your host on this journey. Touch my wing if you need any assistance, and please enjoy your stay.


07.04.01... Fixed a couple of bugs, everything should be running fine now. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get Gyre's menu, which was going to be a really cool addition to this page, to work, so I'm sticking with a small pop-up navigation help window that you can get to by clicking his wing. Thanks to everyone who reported the bugs, and I hope to see all of you around often.

02.04.01... Version 2 of the Guardian Realm website is up and running! I had a little problem involving a hand injury a while back, but I am on my way to recovery and I have begun taking commissions again. For information on prints or commissions, click on the "Artwork" link to the left.