Navira as a Gothic Angel (Seraphim)

Innocence is fleeting, purity lost and never again regained. Her once dark hair is now almost aflame with color, the crimson highlights made much more dramatic as her hair is wreathed with a scarlet glow. Pure, ivory skin contrasts with such vivid colors, her eyes a smokey gray, intense and piercing as she blatantly stares back a you, a smirk crossing her ruby lips.
Wings, once a pure white, are flared behind her, their now black feathers spread wide behind her as if on display. Her thin neck is still graceful, her bare shoulders softly rounded. Her arms are clad in black lace, ending in fingerless gloves, black talons extending from her fingertips dispelling any idea of gentleness, the black leather straps that clothe her furthering to remove any illusion of an angelic nature. The straps start at her throat, wrapping back to cross between her scorched wings before wrapping back around to cover her breasts, though only just managing to hide the nipple before ending in a buckle between her firm breasts. A second set of straps wraps around her waist from behind, crossing down around the front to cover her sex, then each end continuing to spiral down each long, lean leg until it buckles back onto itself around her ankle, leaving her backside bare.
She continues to watch you a moment more before turning away from you with a dismissive noise. "Look if you want, I don't mind... but before you think about touching, keep in mind. I like my toys to be durable. Make sure you aren't as frail as you look."