welcome to Arc's page, here you will begin to learn his past, and his personality. here you will begin findoing out what his life is about, and what his Philosophy is, was, and shall be....


Currently, Arc's history, and past is a rich and diverse one. Spanning some three thousand years in the making, he is wise, and legendary. He has begome a thing of legend in someplaces, respected for his deeds, and in someplaces, revered as the savior of the meek, the weak, an the helpless.

in the past, he has known great pain, and stryfe. such has been his life, but never has he relented to let his ways become complacent. always he puts the welfare of his family, and homeland before his own. perhaps the Order of Scribes will take note of him, and set Arc's past to pen, and save his acomplishments for the furture.

for those who have met him upon the many worlds that exist, you may wish to learn more of exactly what he now has at his beck and call. for this purpose Arc's Character sheet has been made available for this purpose. use it wisely.

for those of you wishing to seek out Arcanix, he is found curently upon five MUCKs. if you wish, you may leave him mail, if not, seek him out, and interact with him... he enjoys this in many respects.